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7 Places that can extend your level of Fun in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a country which is famous for its amazing beaches, but there’s a lot more not commonly known about this island. The Bahamas is an import-oriented economy, which is supported by tourism to about 40-45% of the economy. This has resulted in the country having the third biggest registration of ships in the world. This means that the country focuses a lot of tourists and how to cater to them. Here you will find everything you could and if you are planning on coming here, then there are plenty of rentals in the Bahamas which you will be able to book according to your needs.

If the Bahamas plan is locked in, the next step is to find out good places to visit:

  • Grand Bahama: What better place to start than the Grand Bahama island which allows tourists to peep into the way regular local life is led here. Situated snugly in the North Eastern part of the island chain, Grand Bahama is a natural paradise with around 18 species of birds that call this place their home. You will be paired up with local guides who will show you around so that you leave with an understanding of how the Bahamian lifestyle is conducted. Want more to do? Then head out to the Petersen Cay National Park and explore the underwater aquatic cave system or perhaps go out touring old settlements like William’s Town or Pinder’s Point.

rentals in the bahamas

  • Bimini: Once the home of Ernest Hemingway, it is now considered as the Bahamian fishing capital, Bimini is made up of three islands- East Bimini, South Bimini, and North Bimini. Here you will be able to partake in snorkeling, scuba diving, and some big fish hunting. If you are a ship enthusiast, then you will find this place with its underwater shipwrecks fascinating.W Make sure that you look for SS Sapona, which is a popular shipwreck that occurred in 1926.
  • The Queen’s Staircase: This 31-meter staircase consisting of 65 steps was hand carved out of solid limestone by slaves in around 1793. Definitely one of Nassau’s popular attractions, this cultural icon was built to give a direct pathway to Fort Fincastle. Its presence makes one appreciate the amount of hard work which must have gone into it.
  • Andros Island: Popular as the bonefishing capital of the whole world, Andros is high up on the list for people who want a quiet holiday, all because of its secluded beaches. It is also the biggest island present in the Bahamas and boasts of a 190-mile barrier reef which extends to 6,000 feet and more below the ocean. All these assists in having a thriving fish population along with coral growth on the barrier reef. There are plenty of marine tours you can enjoy out here but do remember that Andros isn’t as developed as its other island counterparts.
  • Blue Lagoon Island: Situated 5 kilometers from the northeastern coast of Nassau, the Blue Lagoon Island is also known as salt cay. This island is the perfect destination to act out escapist fantasies, especially with its white sands that are complemented by coconut palm trees. This world feels so foreign from the usual hustle and bustle of the cities that it can actually be visited only through a tour package. You will be able to encounter a variety of wildlife here, which range from sea lions to dolphins and more. You can also enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, tubing and a variety of other water sports.

rentals in the bahamas

  • Green Turtle Cay: Situated near Great Abaco, it is also one of the prominent landmasses in the chain. As one can guess, the island got its name due to the green turtles that inhabit the surrounding waters. Its main town is named New Plymouth. You will be surprised to know that you will be able to complete a rotation around the village in about 15 minutes- it’s that small. But this nature enthusiast’s paradise has a lot of tricks up its sleeve to lure in people. There are lovely and enjoyable sandy beaches which you will be able to experience.
  • Rose Island: This island has a coral reef along with a beach bar, which makes it a secluded paradise that offers sunbathing and snorkeling facilities. This getaway island is situated off the Nassau coast and is an 18 km privately owned, uninhabited stretch of Bahamian Beach. Here you can just relax up by going for a swim into the lagoon, lazing in a hammock or having a drink at the beachfront bar. The island is around half an hour boat ride, to the east of New Providence Island. Want a bit more thrill? Then you can always go kayaking, snorkeling or opt for beach volleyball with your friends. You can also opt for a guided underwater where all the main attractions and spots will be pointed out to you. Pro tip: the months of November to April are the most crowded but on the other hand, those months have the best weather as well. Our advice is to book ahead before you lose out on the best places and rates.

The Bahamas is a Caribbean retreat where the only goal is to relax and have fun with friends and family. But your appreciation for this country will also extend beyond its azure waters upon hearing of its rich historical and cultural background. It is truly a paradise like no other.

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